In the Beginning . . .

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Hello. Hi. How are you? I’m S.K. Stark. You have probably not heard of me, but don’t feel bad. No one else has either. That would be because, prior to the exact moment this post was published, I didn’t exist!

Trippy, right? Birthday presents are unnecessary. Not that I’d turn them away . . .

S.K. Stark is my penname. Or will be. See, that’s the whole point of “A Spire of a Thousand Stories.” I aspire to be a writer!

Get it? Of course you do. You’re clever. That’s why you’re here.

I created this site because I decided that I was done being a writer for funsies and wanted to be a writer for money. Monsies? Whatever. The big hitch in that grand plan is that I don’t actually know what the . . . yeah, I’m really going to say it . . . fuck I’m doing.

This is where I warn you, I’m not big on censoring. Words, ideas, jokes, what have you. I mean, this is the internet, people. If you live your life at a PG-13 rating or below, and you’ve somehow managed to navigate your way here without being offended or otherwise debauched, I’m impressed. And kind of sad. For you. Because that means you are actively and arduously blinding yourself to half the world, which is, let’s face it, not PG-13. That’s what makes it so darn interesting to write about! Which is what I’ve been sort of doing since I was in middle school.

I say “sort of” because other than one Creative Writing class I took as a freshman in high school, I am totally untrained and basically just winging it. This means I’ve finished almost nothing, have certainly never written a full-length novel, and honestly am kind of freaked out about the prospect of doing so.

But I’m determined to learn!

I’m also determined to share what I learn. The books I read. The sites I visit. The people I talk to.

Okay, to be totally honest, I might not talk to any people. I’m super shy.

Point is, I’m going to share every step I take on this road. Hopefully, some people will find those steps entertaining and/or helpful. If not, hey, it’s still more writing practice for me.

In fact, let that be my first little nugget of learning. Apparently, or so I’ve heard, in order to become a better writer: One. Must. Write. A lot. Like, every day.

Starting . . . now!



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