About the Not-Quite Author

S.K. Stark is a woman. (We’re starting with the easy stuff). She’s in her early 30’s and is a huge fan of romance and fantasy. And occasionally fantasy romance.

In the past, she has been a Librarian, an Event Coordinator, an Executive Assistant, and a Kennel Technician (which is not nearly as sanitary as it sounds). Most recently, she was a Project Coordinator, running upper level executives through behavioral simulations and personality assessments to see if they are good at their jobs. This is why she will never try to write a traditional Billionaire CEO romance. She also has a B.A. in Psychology and an M.S. in Information Science, neither of which have made much of an impact in her various professions. Though, she does find the font used on the diplomas to be quite pretty, and so has hung them on her office wall for decorative purposes.

Despite that illustrious/sporadic career track, Eskay is really only passionate about one thing: Writing.

Which is why she decided to give up all that stable, salaried, health-benefited glory and quit her job in the summer of 2017. Now, she is on a mission to learn everything she can about writing, publishing, and self-promoting. You know, so as to avoid that whole dying-alone-in-a-gutter business.

Okay, she’s actually passionate about two things: Writing and Bunny. Bunny is her awesome husband who is a master at computers, history, and puns (he gets all the credit for the site name). Don’t ask why she calls her 6’4″ 200+ lb. husband Bunny. She doesn’t know either. He’s really the only thing keeping her from ending up the in aforementioned gutter, at this point. They live together in north Texas with two cats who are both beautiful and stupid. Eskay and Bunny are pretty sure Leeloo is really a dog in disguise.

Also, cookies. Lots of passion for cookies.

Fleur, the Inscrutable
Leeloo, the Very Easily Scrutable