A Hard Lesson to Learn

This has been another fun-filled week of learning to be a writer! This week’s lesson: Accepting failure and not giving into major depression when you realize you have to scrap your first-ever completed manuscript and start over again.  Surprised? Don’t be. It’s my first ever completed draft, after all. If the first full-length novel-thing I ever wrote was a masterpiece, I’d either have to be some kind of writerly savant or lucky beyond imagining. And as my PowerBall ticket ended up in the trashcan, and

Lesson Plan: Character Development

First off, quick update on the revision process. It’s been slow. But steady. But slow. So. Frustratingly. Slow. I’m about a quarter of the way through, I think. It’s a little hard to judge, because I’ve added almost 6,000 words through the process of rewriting and adding new scenes. I’d hoped to finish it by the end of this month, but that’s not going to happen. Now I’m aiming for the end of next month. NaNoWriMo (the BIG one) is coming up in November, and

My First Time: Draft Revisions

I finally started! It took me–no joke–an hour to get through the first page. Then, the next morning, I realized it still wasn’t quite right and went over it for a second time. Then a third. There are, like, five original sentences left now, and I’m still not feeling great about it. Can one over-revise? Is that a thing? I’ve now made it up to the fourth chapter, but I have to say, this new pair of writer shoes I’m walking in are not even remotely

The *It* Factor

This week has been a bit of a mixed bag. I successfully moved my website to my new domain. Yay! I finished my Second Draft Outline, so I can now start real revisions. Yay! And I read a few new books, only to discover I have no real understanding of what most readers like. Not so yay. This probably comes as no surprise by this point, but I’m kind of a picky reader. If I am not immediately sucked into a story, or if I

My First Week as a Full-Time Writer

So far . . . zero writing. 🙁 I’m technically still in my first week, it only being Tuesday, but here are the self-discoveries I’ve learned so far: 1. Still need to work on consistent writing habit I feel bad about this, because I thought I’d have started my revisions by now, but no. Not much writing going on at all. Over the weekend, we were visiting with friends and family, and I spent some time rearranging my desk now that I only have my

Mark This Day!

I’m ecstatic and genuinely amazed. I mean, I was pretty sure I could do it. Mostly. But then there were those two previous false starts that never made it past the halfway points. Not encouraging. And there were a couple of long periods where I thought every sentence I wrote was absolute garbage. Dark times. And, of course, just about every day I experience at least five minutes where I’m utterly convinced I was absolutely insane to quit my well-paying, work-from-home day-job in order to

Success and What it Means to Me

This month, as the weeks wind down on my day-job and I get closer and closer to that sweet, sweet freedom, I’ve been thinking a lot about goals. Not the daily word counts or mastery of various story-telling skills type of goals. The big ones. What is my greatest hope as an author? What is the achievement I could reach that would make me pause and and think, “Holy shit, this is everything I could have imagined!” Bunny has made his goals for me shamelessly

Days Like Today

Days like today are the reason I’m sure I’ve made the right decision to pursue this author business. Writing can be hard. It can be down right torturous at times. But when you find the right story, the right characters, and everything is flowing so smoothly, to the point where it feels like it’s already written and you just have to transfer it to the keyboard. . . it’s euphoric. I’ve already written nearly 4K words today (coming to a total of over 9K in

My Current Project and Why it’s DOOMED

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve set a goal for myself to write 500 words a day. The pathetic-ness of this word count goal is a direct result of current life obligations, and was chosen to be an easy “gimme,” if you will. Something I could spit out even after 8+ hours of mental flogging at my Job, and while half asleep because my phone won’t quit ringing at 7 AM because of stupid, inconsiderate East Coast clients. Okay, they’re not inconsiderate. Or

Current State of Affairs

I typically like to get my posts up by Monday night. Obviously I’m a bit off the mark this week. In part because no particular topic really jumped out at me as interesting to write about. Not surprising, since my brain is kind of on strike against creativity, originality, and just any general mental effort of late. So rather than go in depth or get all philosophical about any one specific thing this week, I decided to just lay out all the random things currently