The *It* Factor

This week has been a bit of a mixed bag. I successfully moved my website to my new domain. Yay! I finished my Second Draft Outline, so I can now start real revisions. Yay! And I read a few new books, only to discover I have no real understanding of what most readers like. Not so yay. This probably comes as no surprise by this point, but I’m kind of a picky reader. If I am not immediately sucked into a story, or if I

Current State of Affairs

I typically like to get my posts up by Monday night. Obviously I’m a bit off the mark this week. In part because no particular topic really jumped out at me as interesting to write about. Not surprising, since my brain is kind of on strike against creativity, originality, and just any general mental effort of late. So rather than go in depth or get all philosophical about any one specific thing this week, I decided to just lay out all the random things currently

Tropes in Romance: Continued

GAH! Freaking again! I bought the most recent book in a series I’ve been following over the past year or two, because while I was not really a fan of the 3rd one, the first two were good enough to earn a one-time pass on that singular piece of disappointment. And the book is good. I’ve been mostly enjoying the characters, though it’s been fairly predictable and I’m not particularly interested in the main setting. Still, it’s been a fun read so far. And though I saw the red

Tropes in Romance: Good fun or Bad idea?

My answer at this moment: I don’t know. I mean, I know with absolute certainty that tropes exist that are, without question, terrible ideas. The kind of tropes that can ruin entire books for me when they appear, even after spending the past five hours loving every word I read. But I also know that there are tropes I actively seek out when I’m feeling a very specific craving for a certain type of story, and Amazon is a massive universe with a small search bar. To be totally

Study Session: Hall, Klune, & McKenna

This week, my productivity has mostly focused on studying. Studying is a very important part of learning anything, as I’m sure you’ll agree. It is the absorption of new knowledge, usually provided by experts in the field, and reinforcing the lessons thereby imparted. Yes, very vital business, studying. The *cough* scholarly resources *cough* I’ve been focusing on for the last few days are: Looking for Group by Alexis Hall Wolfsong by T.J. Klune After Hours by Cara McKenna Hey. If you’re learning to become a